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We realize that pets are family also! Pet lovers ourselves we are pleased to offer private cremation options for your pets.  Please note, we do not prepare or embalm any animals. 
On site we have a designated holding area and commercial refrigeration SEPARATE from those areas in our establishment that are used in the preparation and holding of Human Remains.  At no time will pet pare services co-mingle with Traditional Funeral/Cremation Services.  Private individual cremations for pets are handled in a facility that is Pet Care Only.  We welcome any question you may have.  

I have been to many funerals that your establishment has directed. I must admit I never fully appreciated the work of Judd-Beville until my wife and I went to a service that you were not involved in directing. There are no words to convey the difference. Thank you to the staff and owner at Judd-Beville, my prayer is the people of the Lehigh Valley truly appreciate the work you do and they way you do it. My hat is off to the owner, who clearly understands not only how to do, but how to teach those under him how to do it. Well done, my wife and I continue to keep you and your staff in our prayers. We pray the Lord will continue to keep you all safe, and also enlarge your territory even more!

Stephen Earley
August 15, 2022

My Father's aka Daddy as I called him
death was/is very hard to bear. The
professionalism Rev. Dr. Tim and his
outstanding staff provided for our Family
was A++. I was so moved by how good
my Father looked alone continues to
touch my very soul. He guided us with his
understanding and patience. This man
and his staff are truly amazing.

Deborah Watson

On behalf of our family, we extend to you and your staff, our sincere appreciation for all that you did to make or love one, Michael Peterson’s funeral a blessed remembrance. Michael looked perfectly natural and looked as though he was just taking a nap. You were so professional and yet so caring and thoughtful. You offered your best in your care for him and our family. Everything was flawless from beginning to end. May God continue to bless you in your work.
Thank you again. We will certainly recommend you to our family and friends.

Rev. Joan Griffin-Lockhart

Lisa you were a kind n gentle soul. I will miss our late night conversations. Aunt Lorraine very sorry for Lisa's passing but now she is with her Dad watching over us. Miguel always keep her in your heart. Prayers and blessings.

Suzie Defelice

During this extremely difficult moment in our lives we were blessed to have come across the Judd-Beville Funeral Home. My beloved mother in law was treated with respect, dignity and love. We as a family was treated with so much patience and respect as well. We will be eternally grateful for this. May God bless them and I pray they continue with such excellence. Thank you Tim!

Lizett Torres

You And Your Staff are Truly Blessed IRemember my Mother's Going Home Service My Family was and still is very impressed with the handing of our mother you and your staff are truly professional man and women of GOD my the Lord continue to Bless you.


The very first service I attended was for our family member in Stroudsburg, PA, I was so impressed with Tim's professionalism knowing he was grieving for our Aunt at the same time. Fast forward to his move to the Lehigh Valley growing in his professionalism and with The Lord yes I said The Lord serving our community in and out of the business is nothing but a true gift that he shares with us all. Judd-Beville Funeral Home provides empathy with the utmost sincerity for all families of faith during their time of berevement.

Deborah M. Watson

I serve on the bereavement mins. at Greater Shiloh and I have some of my own family's member serve by Judd-Beville Funeral Services I am highly impressed with the services an the quality of their professional ability. Would I recommend them highly.

Loverta Perry

As I reflect back on how well Tim Beville and his staff took such excellent care of my father's service I just wanted to say thank you. There are no words to express our appreciation as a family. Our father the late Carl V Brown Sr had a homegoing fit for a King. Every need was met and everything was done in excellency. Thank you Judd Funeral home for going beyond your level of service.
Minister Roxanne Brown Robinson
Atlanta GA

Roxanne Robinson

Since moving to the city of Allentown, Pa. I have made acquaintance with the staff of Judd-Beville, and have personally observed the warm caring spirit they bring to each situation. I believe it is imperative to have someone you can trust that will not bankrupt your fianances during your time of bereavement. I recommend Bro. Tim Beville and his staff to serve you in your hour of need. You will not be disappointed. God bless Judd-Beville Funeral Home.

Steven L. Smith

Words can not express the professionalism and dignity that characterizes the services that these guys offer Reverend Tim beville and his staff are the best in the industry so when the time come for you to make a a decision Judd -Beville funeral home is your best choice

Dr. David Robertson

We are so grateful to you and the staff for the great care you provided for our mother. She looked so beautiful. Thank you.

Family of Nancy Follmer

Tim and Staff
We the family of the late Larry L. Worrils would like to thank each of you for your kindness shown during Larry's passing. Larry was the core of our family and we appreciate how you handled his service with such dignity. May God continue to bless each of you and your families. Please keep us in prayer and we will continue to pray for all of you.

Willie Pearl Worrils

We will not forget your generosity. You are among the nicest people I have ever known, And you'll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you've shown. Thanks for everything.
The Family of the Late Yvette Maxwell

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Russell

I and the family would like to thank you and your team for all that you did for us in the passing of our dear Mother. We thank God for people like you who care. You are a true blessing to our family and also to the community at large. Everything was perfect from the programs and the Limo service. We will continue to highly recommend Judd Funeral Home. God blessing we pray will continue over you all.

Leisha Givens & Family

Thank you to Tim and the Staff of Judd Funeral Home. The pre-planning and eventual funeral for my Aunt were handled with the care, respect and dignity that she so deserved. Thank you again for everything, we sincerely appreciate you.

R. Fenon

Words cannot express the appreciation that my family and I have for Judd's, Tim. You and your staff made a difficult time so much easier. The kindness, respect, knowledge and dignity that you showed my mother and my family were awesome. Best of all you made sure that the last time I saw my mother she was as beautiful as always!

I will recommend Judd's to anyone with confidence. You do not disappoint!

Traci Moore

I don't have enough words to praise this company!!!

The director,Tim, the employees....everyone!!! My Mother was treated with respect and honor as we said goodbye to her. My whole family was cocooned in warm, caring, respect, and pure professionalism throughout the process of saying goodbye and burying my Mother.

Our minister, the congregation of the church the service was held in, our family and friends wish to wholeheartedly and sincerely THANK and PRAISE you all!!

It is not often that, during a service, that the MINISTER stops to praise the funeral home....ours DID! It was truly deserved praise!

Mrs. Renee Herbert-Glover

P.S. I AM recommending this funeral home to ANYONE I can!!! You are the best!!!

Renee Herbert-Glover

I just want to thank Tim and the Judd Funeral Home staff member that help me plans my dads Donald Dillman funeral.And I would like to thank Tim for help me. Scott Dillman and mom Sandra Dillman with the funeral arrangements because we didn't know how to plan a funeral at all and Tim help us plan the Funeral. And Tim also help us with Donald pension plans. Donald was dressed really nice and I just want to thank the funeral home for that.

Scott Dillman

What are angels?
An Angel is a pure spirit created by God. the name was applied to certain spiritual beings or intelligences of heavenly residence, employed by God as the ministers of His will.
When I first talked to them on the phone weeks before my Mothers passing. I explained that my Mother had no burial insurance and asked his pricing for funeral arrangements and casket price as we needed to get a future loan to pay for the cost and at the present time had nothing and wasn't sure whether we could bury my Mother with the respect and dignity she so deserved and desired.With the most comforting and Gentle voice he explained what the funeral home had to offer. After he was finished I told them your funeral home is a God send
because I truly felt God had guided me to them so that my Mother would finally be able to plan her funeral in a respectable manner as cremation was not her desire and wanted to be buried in a casket next to her mother.That night I showed the web pictures to my Mother and explained to her everything I was told by them about what she would receive and how much it would cost and I saw peace come over her face like never before. As the days passed when she received calls by family and friends. I would hear her say Christine found me this beautiful place to have the funeral and viewing with and we looked together on line and its perfect.
This was a month before Moms passing and even though I had had a brief conversation with Tim about the funeral on the phone a month earlier and didn't even mention my name at the time, When I called late that evening and said my Mother had passed and I don't know if you remember our conversation but I would like you to receive my Mother and use the Funeral services at your funeral Home.
Tim told me he remembered me calling and our conversation. It was so comforting and personal,that he remembered .
They were needed at that moment and They came swiftly ,They were respectful and consoling, They Took mom Gently to their Funeral home and were quick to get back to us about what we needed to plan the funeral .Yet allowed us to plan the funeral at our convenience.
When I finally went to the office to finish the planning details of the funeral as well as look at the caskets which was a hard thing to do for me. The employees were very personable, sweet, caring and professional in a very reassuring way. I felt I was in the right place as soon as I walked in the door and it was as lovely, clean and fresh as the pictures on line. Very well taken care of. They were attentive and caring about my family and my Mothers concerns and wishes before her death and planning her funeral during my visit there.I got through this process only because of them and their Angelic nature and love of the living and the deceased.
The viewing , the mass the burial was lovely and everything went perfectly and I think my Mother was truly smiling down upon us all from heaven.
Mom believed in God,and Gods intervention when needed and she believed in Angels.
Thank you to all our Angels and Moms Angels at Judd Funeral Home

Christine Mohr and Family

I need to thank Judd Funeral Home for their outstanding compassion and service in our time of need. Very professional and caring for our needs at our time of mourning.
I want to personally thank the staff for their help with my brothers and sister-in-laws funerals because they made it go so smoothly. Highly recommend Judd Funeral Home. Thank You

Terry Bogert

Went to a funeral there last week. I was completely shocked, I had no idea this place was there. When I walked in the door, I was so pleased. It was clean, smelled good and much larger then I realized. The people working there seemed to really care about what was happening and seems to take an interest in making sure things went as they should. My friends death was a shock and to have him looking so nice and restful was again a pleasant suprise. Been to many funerals in the Valley, most by the same dude... and all I can say, is they could take a lesson or two from these people, because they are on point.

By Guest31693, From

After having a horrible experience with the people who handled my granddaughters funeral, I was at a loss, when my mother passed unexpectedly. Driving down hamilton street I just stopped by Judd Funeral Home. I was greeted and within minutes I knew what I was in the right place. Not only did they work with me to ensure everything was how I wanted, they also charged a fair price for their services. My mother looked so peaceful just as she did prior to her illness. Also, the staff was kind and attentive to the needs of my family. We were all more than pleased. We had several people comment on how natural and peaceful my mother looked. Use these people, they actually care!

By Guest98587, From

Thank you so much for kindness toward our family. We were more then pleased with the services that you provided. You made us feel like a part of your family. We would reccomend your funeral home without hesitation. God Bless you.

The Family of Dr. Reginald Johnson

You were so kind and thoughtful throughout the entire process. I will never forget the kindness that you both showed to me and my family. My husband looked so peaceful, we were very pleased. Your staff was attentitive and well seasoned, and met our every need. May God continue to bless you and your family.

The Family of Dwayne R. Brown

Thank you so very much for all you have done for my family. You opened your home and made us feel like family. The fact that you have continued to check in with us, and have provided much needed assistance after the funeral is appreciated more then you will ever know.

The Family of Jose A. Rivera

Thank you so much for the beautiful service that was conducted for our mother. You made a painful time just a little easier and we are grateful. Thank you so much!

The Family of Catherine Jarnagin

We would have been lost without you. Thank you so much for giving my husband a beautiful service. May God bless you both.

The Family of Ulysses Lanier

I cannot convey how much I appreciate your kindness, knowledge, professionalism and service. Judd Funeral Home, has been a boon and a blessing to me following the loss of my brother Lewis, whose illness moved quickly from diagnosis to death. You not only have an excellent heart for the families who utilize you, but you also have the calm and experience to offer the utmost in professionalism.
I must note that I was so assured within just a few moments of first speaking with you via telephone when I needed assistance well into the middle of the night. Your reassurance that the fact that it was nearly 4 am was totally within the realm of ordinary for your profession, and that it was perfectly acceptable that you would go to pick up Lewis’ body, on icy roads, in the early hours of the pending daylight was so unexpected and so personally valuable.
You really do fully understand the significance of these situations and how the smallest things are as important as the larger things. I honestly believe you are in the top few percent of all those in your industry. I cannot thank you enough for always doing your best for those you serve so well. God bless you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Dee Bowen

The Family of Lewis Babacz

Thank you so much for all that you did for our family. The service that you arranged was just beautiful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Family of Elieen Turney

Thank you for everything! The funeral service was just beautiful and the special music was the perfect touch. Everything was flawless, and we are grateful.

The Family of David Schive

Thank you to the staff of Judd Funeral Home. The services directed for my brother were truly beautiful. We appreciate all your hard work in obtaining paperwork and documents so my brother could be returned to Vietnam for burial. Everything was flawless and your attention to detail did not go unappreciated.

The Family of Chau Nguyen

My family thanks you for all that was done for us everything was beautiful. All went just as you said and my dad made it safely back home to the Dominican. Thank you so much.

The Family of Ramon R. Mateo

I wish to Thank the staff of the Irwin Judd funeral Home for the excellent care they showed me at my husbands death. It was accidental and a complete shock to me. Tim and all the staff did a wonderful job walking me through the service. Everything they did was more than I could have ever asked for. In the future with aging family it is a relief knowing who we will call.

The Family of Thomas Kulikauskas

I just want to thank you for being there for us at this difficult time. I have thanked God over and over again for your help. God bless you and everyone there with you.

The Family of Annette Fegely

Thank you so much, your help made all the difference. May God bless your staff for caring about us the most! The homegoing was beautiful here in Pennsylvania, and my Mother's remains made is safely back home to Georgia. Thank you for going the extra mile to make sure Mother got home!

The Family of Dorothy Lane

My brother went home to be with the Lord on July 16, 2013. At that time, an autopsy had to be performed, as he was only 41 years old and had not had a history of illness. He lived in Allentown, PA and the bulk of my family lives in the NYC/Fl area. This made it difficult to effectively plan a timely funeral. Another funeral home was recommended to us and we inquired. We found that funeral director curt, rude and somewhat insensitive. We felt that he was taking advantage of the situation and was unwilling to meet our financial budget. In essence, he was very pricey and would not budge a penny on his price and made it clear to us that he would not even entertain the thought of taking a few dollars off the price.
Through my frustration, I started searching for another funeral home that could meet our needs. I remembered driving down Hamilton Street in Allentown, PA and seeing these lovely large homes/mansions that converted to either funeral homes or law offices. I took a chance and called the first one on the Hamilton Street strip--thinking I would call them all and choose the better of the bunch. (There are about 5 funeral homes within a mile of each other on Hamilton Street.)
I called Irwin Judd funeral home (610) 434-5555) and a man named Tim answered the phone. I told him about my situation and laid it on the line and shared with him my experience with the previous funeral home and told him how much I was willing to spend, my "distance" dilemma and my need to have a beautiful ceremony (especially for my mother's sake). He first started by educating me on the laws in PA regarding giving price quotes over the phone, then he educated me on burial grounds--the differences, the hidden costs, etc. Tim could not be more pleasant. I did NOT feel like I was being screwed because of my emotional state and I appreciated the fact that he took time out to explain the process to me end-to-end.
The Funeral Home made themselves available to me and my family, 24/7 and even gave us a cell phone number. My other brother and sister visited the premises and it was just as described. The funeral home itself is an older large mansion converted to a funeral home. Inside is clean and and tastefully decorated. It didn't feel like a funeral home at all. It was cozy and intimate, yet it held 100+ family members and friends who came to pay their respects. As for my brother, I was too chicken to go up to the casket and look inside (I viewed him from 5+ feet away), but my sister said that the funeral home did an outstanding job making my brother look like himself. For that alone, I am grateful, as I feared he would not look like the brother we knew, and that would have sent my mother (who had not seen him in a few weeks) into a frenzy.
The staff couldn't be nicer. Our every need was met and our every request was attended to with sensitivity, urgency and care. The price we were quoted was the price we paid. In fact, we were surprised to see a few "extras" at no charge. Tim, recommended a Pastor to us, as my brother was not really part of a church in Allentown, PA. The Pastor blew us all away! Though he did not know my brother personally, the message was powerful, on point and well-received. Several dozen people came up to us afterwards to tell us how phenomenal the message was and that the Pastor's words (and energy) touched their hearts (including my own husband who tends to "frown" on what he calls "organized religion!")
The service staff was also very kind--from the greeters at the door to the limousine drivers. The whole ceremony was beautiful and well arranged. This was no easy feat as during the 2-3 days we had to plan the funeral, my family appeared to be disorganized and flakey regarding certain decisions that had to be made. (My brother's death was sudden and we were all still in shock, after all.) The funeral home stepped in and guided us every step of the way.
If I had the money, I would have paid ten times more than what we paid just because of the wonderful service we received from the kind and professional people of the Irwin Judd Funeral Home at 1314 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA.

The Family of Anthony Smith

Much Love to the entire staff at Judd Funeral Home. On behalf of the Shelton family we are forever grateful for the ABOVE AND BEYOND caring, supportive, and professional services that you provided; you were the topic of conversation at the family's home, perfection at its best. THANK YOU! May God continue to bless you and expand your territory

The Family of Robert Shelton

I just wanted to thank you for your help during a difficult time. Your professionalism and manner was much appreciated. Since I live in Florida it was stressful trying to find a way to honor my dad. Everyone who came to the service thought it was perfect. Thank you!!

The Family of Cornell Turner

Generosity is a sign of a great soul. Thank you for helping me make molehills out of mountains. What would I have done without you? Your kindness has truly touched my heart. Continue to be blessed.

The Family of Billy Harris

Thank you for the care and concern you had for our Uncle John. It was nice to see your incredible concern you have for the deceased and their family. Thank you for all you did for us.

The Family of John Pavkovich

Thank you so very much for the beautiful and dignified service you afforded my friend David. It was truly appreciated.

Friends of David Glick

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We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

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